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Matthew Primpas

Web Developer


What I do:

Front-End Development

Web development using HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery 3, and Bootstrap 3 & 4.

Back-End Development

Development of web-based applications using the Ruby language and framework: Ruby on Rails.

Mobile-First Design

Web design that implements Mobile-First practices and deployment for mobile devices.

Version Control

Familiar with services such as GitHub for version control, collaborative development using branching, and creating back-ups.

Database Management

Creation and organization of databases using Postgresql for back-end development.

Linux-Based Environment

Familiar with Linux-based development environments such as Debian and Ubuntu and proficiency using the command line.


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Matthew Primpas

Web Developer
Foxborough, MA USA

: (774)-487-9120
: matthewprimpas@gmail.com